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as well as founders, trainers and coaches: my clients have already invested a great deal in personal development and in their work lives, and went on to reach an even higher and more powerful level with me…

“I doubled my sales by coaching with Simona!”

“I am familiar with different kinds of energy work and coaching and use the multidimensional Energy Clearing CQM method myself. For me it is very important to get support from a well-trained coach like Simona on some topics.

Simona and I have known each other for several years and I have come to her for help with a variety of topics: from family conflicts, relationship issues, and professional issues, to supervision issues for my clients. Last year I visited her about a number of topics, including an upcoming Hallux-valgus operation.

Before my coaching with Simona I was unsure and afraid to make a decision about the operation. At that time I was in great doubt as to whether I should have the operation at all. And I was worried about the operation, the choice of the doctor and was just very afraid of the operation.

Just the fact that I could talk about my doubts and fears during the coaching was very helpful. I felt understood and became much calmer. I let go of various fears and anxious ideas and gained confidence. I didn’t even have to think about it anymore or only rarely — that gave me a new mental freedom! And I could sleep better! I was able to visualize an optimal result, which was not possible before.


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I am concerned with my progress in life — not only on the physical level.

Questions like: ‘How shall I conduct my life?’, ‘Where do I go from here?’ …

Through coaching I have learned that our feet in a figurative sense stand for progress in life. Foot problems can be a symptom of fear of the future. Conscious or unconscious fears hold us back from progressing. Coaching with Simona has given me confidence, security and balance!

The operation was a few months ago and the healing process was optimal. I am very grateful that a successful operation is behind me!

A great a-ha moment for me was a mapping exercise in which we uncovered conflicts of interest and territory. I had already noticed such conflicts with one of my clients, but it was quite different to see them drawn out in the map.

After an intensive session on a family conflict with Simona, I noticed that my eye problem and vision had also improved slightly. The new map I was creating had an after-effect: I felt peace and quiet spreading within me! I simply think of that client relationship we worked on, and remain neutral instead of upsetting myself or feeling like a victim.

And here is further feedback on the very, very valuable business topics I explored with Simona. I am delighted and amazed at all the things that shifted for me all at the same time — even during the meetings with her — in the background. When I was still at my appointment with Simona, my customer called from Switzerland, left a message and asked about my capacity for further orders. On the same day, we also found a solution for another service offering that I would like to launch as a new product. A lot of things got rolling immediately.

After another session I was really happy and relieved that I said ‘no’ to a potential new customer. With Simona’s support, the implications of my decision became clear to me.

To top it all off, a customer then promised me a new assignment! This person fulfills everything on the list of my optimal customer! So that ‘no’ to the wrong offer ended up giving me more time to work for my ideal customer. That feels good.

Another result of working with Simona I experienced in the area of finance. One of my goals was to double my turnover. I have not only doubled the turnover … I’ve also doubled the profit!

If you are thinking about booking coaching with Simona, I say to you, ‘Go and experience it! Simona works highly professionally, unerringly and with heart and mind’. The time with Simona is intensive, transforming and very enriching.

I can definitely recommend coaching with Simona. I was looking for an open and understanding ear and found it in Simona!

I think it is great that I can approach with Simona the topics that sometimes keep me awake at night so constructively, easily and always in a solution-oriented way. Simply knowing this is a great support. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with her; her insights are on point, and really great! I’m so happy to know about Simona, and also … her office is near where I live!

I thank Simona from the bottom of my heart for her great, sensitive work”.

Pamela Wöller-Preisendörfer

Career Coach, Frankfurt am Main

Stefanie Kaiser

Frankfurt am Main

“Through Simona, I have discovered a whole new life!”

“I came to Simona because I wanted to discover something about myself that I didn’t know yet.

Before I came to Simona there was chaos in my head and I was wasting myself and my gifts, feeling unloved and just functioning.

Through Simona I learned how to be loving with myself and how to create time and space for myself and not only for others.

Through the time and work I have put in with Simona I have become more powerful, more relaxed and more serene. I am now developing a healthy sense of self, which I very much need, and a great love for myself. I finally dare to make important decisions. I set priorities for myself. I have less fear and more courage! My self-confidence and self-awareness have grown. I discovered ME! And I can accept myself as I am.

Through my time with Simona I have learned that the courageous — the people who take responsibility for themselves — own the world. I am now strengthened by this realization that everything is possible for me.


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In addition, I have learned that I am the way I am, that I am perfect as I am and that people care for me. And I feel more connected and no longer an outsider, more ‘in alignment’ with life and with people around me.

Today I am more in control, have hardly any feelings of guilt and have put myself at the center of my life. In addition I know what I want from my life and feel able to convert my dreams into reality. All without making myself dependent on other people.

Professionally and privately I can now admit to myself that I have a right to love, peace and relaxation. I experience more attentiveness, learn to let go and have the courage to change!

Through Simona I have discovered a completely new life. I feel a lightness that I did not know before. Since I have known Simona, my life has changed. Nothing is the same anymore. I have gained new and very valuable insights and have been able to develop new perspectives. I have gained in security and serenity and learned so very much. My life now feels exciting!

“Through coaching with Simona I now live my destiny…”

“I came to coaching with Simona because I needed support for my next steps in life. I was confused and it was not clear to me which direction to take. I needed a person to sort all my mental spider webs and show me my possibilities. Simona did that at 🙂

My yoga teacher training has shown me more and more that my professional path can be away from the free economy and that I want and am allowed to live my spiritual potential. My question was, which direction I would take? At that time I was interested in becoming a certified healer but was not sure if this was my way.

The coaching with Simona changed me so much that my uncertainties disappeared and I was able to consciously trust my gut feeling, my inner guidance and take risks. I gained insight into what I want and now have the courage to act on those desires.

I have learned to take myself seriously, to give space to my inner voice and to pursue it. I have even learned to pursue ideas that I had previously thought impossible. Now I know that everything is possible and attainable. At any time and forever. With the support of Simona in filtering out what was holding me back in that moment, I was able to put my plan into action immediately after that coaching session.


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Simona’s coaching enabled me to trust my desire and the urgings of my soul and immediately afterwards I enrolled for my first seminar. Through the healer training I came to know wonderful and valuable people and the journey continues. Now I am doing channeling training and have already had wonderful experiences there. I feel richly rewarded to be allowed and able to go all these different ways.

Through coaching I have been empowered to follow my destiny and to live it. Since Simona’s coaching I have become much more self-confident in spiritual terms and dare to feel more and more connected to everything.

I can highly recommend coaching with Simona. She helped me so much and very quickly clarified for me my situation. I also liked very much her way of coaching. It was a relaxed, almost playful atmosphere with movement work.

I was surprised that it could be so easy to pare away what is less important, and know what you really want. All of a sudden everything was simple, easy and clear. I was able to make a decision immediately, and I felt completely confident that I was doing the right thing.

Simona is a great enrichment to my life and I admire her for her determination to go her own way. Keep on loving, Simona!

If you are thinking about booking coaching with Simona, I say to you: ‘Better today than tomorrow!’ :)”

Kristina Allen

Yoga Instructor, Masseuse and Media Consultant, Frankfurt am Main

Hans Jürgen D.

Frankfurt am Main

“It is like a miracle! Simona has made a fertile field out of my desert of life”.

“Before I came to Simona, I was very much burdened by work and family and therefore constantly exhausted. Many fears accompanied me daily. I felt insecure and dejected.

Coaching and yoga with Simona were essential for the foundation of my new life.

With Simona’s help, I developed from a yoga beginner who knew the basics of yoga to an intensive practitioner dedicated to a holistic yogic lifestyle.

Through the yoga classes taught by Simona I can come to rest, through meditation I gain insight into my problems and blockages and through special energy techniques I gain new vitality and dynamics every day. I have more energy and my life is completely different.

I have gained control over my thoughts and feelings and do not let them control me anymore. The majority of the day I am attentive and present to myself. Even after extraordinary situations I can quickly restore my inner balance.


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I am more satisfied today. If I am mindful, I am happy. My life has become easier and peaceful. My fears have almost completely disappeared. I approach every day with new courage.

Working with Simona has changed my life very much for the better. Without her help this would not have been possible.

I am still surprised every day that this change is possible and that it can be so comprehensive. As I think of these miracles, more come to mind.

I have changed everything in my life. My foot is right on the gas pedal, my problems are overcome. I feel every day that I’m ready to do the right thing, and that for me nothing is unattainable.

Thanks to Simona’s help I am reaping a great harvest. She has turned my desert of a life into a fertile field.

I can only say to anyone who is thinking about working with Simona, ‘Try it, because it was very successful for me’.

Simona, thank you for your inspiration and support!”

“My life has changed for the better.”

“As a working mother with two children, I often felt stressed and rushed. I wanted to change that. I wanted more harmony and better relationships within my family.

During my coaching with Simona, many tensions and blockages were loosened in me. Immediately after the first session I felt noticeably freer and lighter — as if a burden had fallen from me. I noticed this after each session.

Through the intensive work with Simona I became much more conscious. I can feel myself better. I pay more attention to my thoughts and feelings. I take care to criticize myself less and to accept myself instead.

Also, I have been able to change much in my life for the better. Life has become more harmonious. I experience more ease and don’t find everything so exhausting anymore. I allow myself more time for myself, more time for relaxation. I can enjoy the NOW more and sometimes I watch myself smiling from the inside — for no reason.

Through coaching with Simona I have learned that it is always possible to a person to change. I am very grateful to Simona for her great work and can definitely recommend her coaching”.

Tanja E.

Dipl. Ing. Architecture, Frankfurt am Main

Anuschka D.

Frankfurt am Main

“Through coaching I learned that I can be proud of myself!”

“I started coaching sessions with Simona because I was often insecure and dissatisfied with myself and wanted to change that. I was looking for someone who would help me find the reasons behind my thinking and feelings and show them to me. And in general I wanted to know how I could be more satisfied with myself.

I wasn’t really self-confident and was hardly ever satisfied with myself.

During coaching sessions with Simona I became more aware of certain things about myself. I got a sense of why I think and feel the way I do, and found that there was often no real cause or reason behind my reactions or fears.

I have learned that I have to know what is right for myself. And I have come to realize that in everything I do I can only be Ymyself, and that it is not my problem if others do not like this. I can’t please all people and I don’t have to, only myself.


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My greatest insight was that not everything that happens around me is my fault and that I have to be well before I can be there for others.

Through coaching I learned that I need to take care of myself as I am and that I can be proud of myself. My result is that I don’t make everything I do dependent on other people.

After coaching I noticed that I deal with situations differently. It has given me the strength and the will to work on myself so that I am happier and satisfied with myself. I feel better and stronger and my life has changed as a result.

I can only tell anyone who is thinking about going to Simona for coaching that he or she should definitely attend the coaching if he or she feels as I did. I can highly recommend coaching with Simona.”

“I’m surprised how much I have grown beyond myself and trust life! A new way of thinking and living is possible.”

“Before I came to Simona, I had not been in a stable relationship for a long time. I did not know where, how and when I could get to know someone new. In addition, it was not clear to me how I could unite relationships, my profession and my spiritual interests. I also had big problems with my skin, and the stress in my job had brought me to a point where I could hardly stand it any longer. And loving myself seemed to me to be practically impossible.

My greatest fear was that I would remain alone, with no one by my side in old age. I withdrew, felt less valuable than people with families, and hardly wanted to tell anything about myself privately.

I was looking for a new direction and wanted to gain the confidence to know that a relationships was possible for me, and that I could give and receive love. I wanted to feel freer, more self-confident and like a whole person, and not let the constant pressures of my job overwhelm me to the point where I would take them home with me. I wanted to grow personally and spiritually, and needed to change my behavior, my attitude, my expectations and ideas. I wanted to broaden my horizons and change my perspective on life.


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And I needed a real person, because I had already read enough books. I was looking for someone who I would click with, someone who understood me and who had had similar experiences.

A lot has happened since my coaching sessions with Simona. I have become more self-confident, more relaxed and more open, and more determined and optimistic. I feel more mature and wise and know what I want. Now I dare to say no to what I don’t want, and follow my intuition. Now I know what and who does me good.

Since our work together I have let go of many of my outdated beliefs. I have learned to return to a sense of positivity again and again and to trust life. I now know that everything is possible and that everything is good as it is. Everything comes at the right time.

Through working with Simona I have realized that many thoughts, old patterns and certain beliefs are complete nonsense, but can be resolved and let go of. New perspectives, new thinking and life are possible. And that I can trust again and again.

A great realization for me was that I also deserve a happy, beautiful and loving life. I am also surprised at how much I have grown beyond myself, and that I do things and trust myself to do things that I hadn’t even dreamed of doing half a year before. I know that I am on the right track and that I am good just as I am.

Coaching with Simona has given me stability, confidence, trust and hope.

My life feels good now.

For someone who is toying with the idea of booking coaching with Simona, all I can say is, ‘Absolutely do it! I highly recommend coaching with Simona.’

I am totally grateful and glad that there is a Simona and that she has pushed and made so much possible. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart that she came into my life. A gift for me!”

Monika L.




“Simona’s coaching has a lasting impact on me, because now 4 months later I am still flying high and life is getting better and better!”

“Simona was recommended to me by a friend. So I already knew that her work is of high quality and shows efficient results.

Through her coaching I was able to feel the effects of Simona’s work myself and I am totally enthusiastic and fully convinced!

I turned to Simona when I was in an unstable phase. I had been working on my well-being and my mindset for a long time, but kept slipping into old, unhelpful patterns.

I was touched and excited by Simona’s very sensitive and positive nature and the clearly noticeable physical and emotional changes that came through our work together. I feel lighter, I am happy and handle my challenges in a more positive way.

Simona’s coaching has a lasting impact on me, because now 4 months later I am still flying high and life is getting better and better!

Her work is fantastic and I highly recommend it!

Thank you so much dear Simona.”

“My biggest eye-opening moment was to see that my priorities in life are quite different than what I thought.”

“Before I started coaching with Simona, I wanted to quit my job as a journalist to become a freelance artist. At the same time I wished to have a child with my partner. I felt helpless, overwhelmed and did not have clarity.I wanted to be more focused and did not want to chase my to-do lists anymore. I desired to have boundaries at work, to get my life back and to enjoy a stable work-life balance.I needed someone to talk to who could coach me efficiently in my specific situation, especially for my challenges at work.I wanted clarity, focus on what was essential to me, and a profound change in life: shifting from a journalist to being an artist – and becoming a mother.Since coaching with Simona, I have been able to set boundaries and I pay attention to creating moments to enjoy life. Whether it is meeting with friends, cooking a good meal or going for a walk, I treat myself better.I understand now when to let go and how important it is to delight and relax myself, so that I can get back to work with ease and renewed energy, instead of pushing too hard and forcing it.

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Before our coaching, I was sure that I wanted to get out of my life. Now I have learned to appreciate my job as a journalist again. I feel more in control and create my work conditions myself. I am also relaxed about my future. I am more calm and self-confident and my priority now is my first child.Since coaching with Simona, I have peace of mind. People around me notice this and find that I have become friendlier and more confident.Simona’s coaching gave me exactly what I needed.My biggest eye-opening moment was to see that my priorities in life are quite different than what I thought. Instead of looking for recognition through performance, I am actually motivated by connection to other people, community and friendship/love. This realization was a game changer.Now I prioritize relationships and work less.If you are thinking of coaching with Simona, I can only say, “Go for it! But in the first place, it is work on yourself that only you can do. Simona supports you and gives you the necessary tools and useful tips you need on your way.”



Harleen Chadha

Coach, London, United Kingdom

“I am now inspired to radiate and express my uniqueness!”

“I came to Simona’s coaching because I definitely wanted to get ahead and experience a breakthrough for myself. I felt so confused and lost. It was all so chaotic in me regarding my beliefs about myself and my abilities.

During coaching with Simona, I realized that I was gaining a whole new perspective on things, seeing my life positively, and that I could realize my dream of becoming a successful coach.

I had such a big ‘AH’ moment when I realized that most of the time we complain because we compare ourselves negatively with others.

Instead of comparing myself in this way, I now focus on radiating and expressing my uniqueness.

While before I felt insecure about my abilities and thought I had nothing special to offer, now I am inspired to take action and see my success from a completely different perspective”.

Working with you has changed so much in me and in my life. I am more conscious and see through the dynamics that held me back. You have exactly met my problem. What a freedom!


“Dear Simona,

thank you, I am very well.

The pain has completely disappeared! No more pain, and I am marching again on long walks through the forest.

I am overjoyed and the thought that I was close to having an operation makes me shiver.

Yes, we all enjoyed the long coaching evening with you very much.

All the best,


“Dear Simona,

Yes, I fell increasingly confident and relaxed now about Frankfurt and my future.

I have a much lighter feeling and feel that something new is about to develop and that I will find the energy to do, and to focus and structure things.

Thank you very much for your powerful and encouraging input.

Thank you very much for everything and see you soon. Sincerely,


“Dear Simona,

Thank you very much for everything.

I am well, I feel liberated …

I think I am on a very good path thanks to your help.

I feel that I stand more by my beliefs, which doesn’t always make it easier, but I know now it’s my way. I notice that many things are changing. It just feels different.

Thank you very much!

All love,


“Dear Simona,

It is a gift to know people like you.


“My condition has totally improved.

The pain didn’t occur this morning. I hope that this experience will be repeated tomorrow!


“Dear Simona,

Thank you very much for my coaching sessions with you!

Thank you very much for your great coaching and for your support! It works! ;-).

I liked every session with you so very much.

Together we have achieved a lot.

Warm regards and see you soon,


“Hello Simona,

Thank you very much for your valuable support. I felt very comfortable with you.

I have gained clarity and certainty about my great goal.


“I feel very comfortable, familiar and in good hands near you.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.


“Dear Simona,

I wanted to get in touch with you again and thank you.

These days I am 98% free of complaints, i.e. without complaints on a psychological or physical level, which bears absolutely no comparison to my life before. Problem solved and I feel that my work with you will have lasting effects.

Surely we will see each other again, until then dear greetings,


“Dear Simona,

Thank you, my time with you is always so good for me. You are inspiring! Thank you for that.

THANK YOU for your company and all your love,


“It sounds like magic, but since my coaching with you, I feel very light. I don’t know what you did or how you did it, but it definitely feels good and has done me a world of good. The first big test was on my birthday: the call from my mother. But it was totally ok.

Yes, I’m fine and I’m very grateful that you ‘crossed my path’ and I’m really looking forward to my further coaching sessions with you. Although I still don’t know exactly how you did what you did the first time … but it’s great!


“Dear Simona,

Just as your email came in, I was struggling with myself to see if I had reacted correctly. Your words gave me new courage and reminded me that I should trust and accept my decisions because I can’t undo them and I must of course learn from them. Thank you very much for that.

I wanted to tell you that you have helped me a lot with your coaching. I have already implemented many things we talked about, and thank you for your motivation and for giving me hope.

With love,


“Thank you very much for our conversation. It calms and fills me with confidence to know that there is also a fulfilling task for me that is not yet within my sight, but which is there. That alone was the information that relieved me and relaxed my anxious searching.


“Dear Simona,

Thank you very much for your great support.

I wish I had gotten to know you earlier. My life would have been different.

I don’t know how exactly it has happened, but something has changed. I have a different feeling for my life than I did before. Somehow I am much more self-confident.

Thank you again for your fulfilling work with me.

Thank you very much for your coaching, which supported me very positively.

Best regards,


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