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“Dear Simona,
Thank you again for your personal message today!
I find what you say very interesting. Indeed it is already a great to learn to distinguish the agenda and desires of the ego from the longings of the soul.
I can still learn a lot there.


“Dear Simona,
I find your newsletter motivating and inspiring. Thank you very much for the inspirations.
Best regards,


“I THANK YOU Simone from the bottom of my heart for the inspiration provided by your newsletter…
Now it is time to forward … step by step … courageous and full of confidence…
Best wishes


“Dear Mrs. Simona Decker,
Many thanks again for the abundance of wonderful thoughts and events!
I admire the creativity, vitality and confidence that you express in your newsletters, which have such a direct positive effect on the recipient.
Best regards and thanks


“Hey Simona,
Thanks for these two very inspiring newsletters! Wow, your messages work for me, as you write in a relaxed and at the same time deep way. I am impressed! If words were my medium :-). Which they are for you.
Best regards,


“Dear Simona,
I wanted to thank you once again for the many inspiring messages from you this year! I am always happy when mail from you arrives in my mailbox…


“Dear Simona,
I wanted to thank you for the newsletters you send me and which I have been reading for many years. I read them very often, feel strengthened by them in everyday life and encouraged to always stand up and look around and think about what I am actually doing and where I want to go. They also encourage me to keep searching and — carefully groping — to carve my own path. Often still I take the broad paths, but now and then I also find a piece of my very own pathway, on which I sometimes dare to go a bit further.
Thank you very much for the inspiration, which you spread in such positive terms — and your whole way of doing things. It is obvious that this is not only your ‘business’ but your way of implementing the idea of ‘giving’.
I hope you are doing well. I also write this because I felt the need to thank you for the newsletter. Simply out of gratitude, for the inspiration.


“Hello Simona,
I devour your ‘texts’ every time they arrive.
I thank you for it.
All love,


“Dear Mrs. Deckers,
It’s nice that we ran into each other considering that I receive your wonderful newsletter all the time. It is always very inspiring — thank you very much for this.
Best regards,


“Dear Simona,
Congratulations on your newsletter and the new layout!
A very nice summary of your creative gift!
Thank you very much, and good luck with your destiny to help people to realize their full selves…
With blessings,


“Hello Simona,
I find your writings very encouraging! Thank you.


Hi Simona,
I have thought about printing out your newsletter. You could make such a beautiful book out of them.
Warm regards,


“Dear Simona,
Many thanks for your always inspiring newsletter, which I always like to read.
Many greetings


“I appreciate your e-mails very much because they are always refreshing food for thought.


“Hello, dear Mrs. Deckers,
Always nice to read your newsletter.
Best regards,



„Hallo Simona,
ja, es macht mir einfach immer so viel Spaß bei dir. Und es tut mir unglaublich gut!
Nach jeder Stunde merkt man eine Veränderung im Körper. Das finde ich total genial! Ich danke dir für die super Yoga Kurse und freue mich schon auf die nächste Stunde!
Danke dir!
Liebe Grüße,


Katharina S.

„Der Yogakurs hat mir sehr viel Spaß gemacht und vor allem sehr gut getan.
Besten Gruß,
Katharina S.


Ellen K.

„Über eine positive Antwort würden wir und auch unsere Besucher sich sehr freuen, da Ihre Mitwirkung beim Yoga immer sehr positiv ankommt.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


Simone G.

„Hallo liebe Simona,
vielen Dank für die schöne gestrige Yogastunde, das tolle Gespräch und den leckeren Tee.
Und freue mich schon auf die nächsten Yogakurse und das Coaching mit Dir.
Liebe Grüße,
Simone G.



„Ich melde mich für Deinen nächsten Yogakurs wieder an. Ein Leben ohne Yoga ist möglich, aber sinnlos!
Liebe Grüße



„Hallo liebe Simona,
auch für Dich nur die allerbesten Wünsche.
Ich bin sehr froh, dass es Menschen wie Dich gibt.
Ich danke dir
Alles Liebe,/p>


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