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Hello, I am Simona!

I’m so glad you are here.


You, me, all of us, each of us, all people in this world have one thing in common:

We all want to be free, fulfilled and happy!

You, me, us, everyone… FREE, FULFILLED and HAPPY!

When I first came across this idea in a book of wisdom teachings, it touched me deeply! I immediately felt that this would be my task in this world: to support people to be free, fulfilled and happy!

It was clear to me that this would be my life’s work.

Because everyone wants changes that sound so simple but which are so difficult to implement and experience! Very few people have been able to bring about the changes needed to make them free, fulfilled and happy!

For many of us life is difficult, with seemingly insoluble challenges. Many people are discouraged and disoriented. Or they have a good life when viewed from the outside, yet they feel that so much more is possible! They seek a completely different level of greatness, beauty, prosperity, success, deep peace and meaning, to live a higher vision based on both inner and outer growth…

No matter what your situation is now, I know that you long for something better, something extraordinary for yourself. And you are so right about that! Because what you long for is possible! What you long for also longs for you and wants to be found, implemented and lived by you!

It is nice that you exist!


My job is to help you

to be free, fulfilled and happy!


Maybe we already know each other, or maybe you have been led here by your destiny so that we can get to know each other.

I want you to live your best life ever for yourself! The greatest life you could have ever lived. Absolutely fulfilled, inside and outside, successful and happy, within you, and with your family and in your job!

I believe that every person can experience a paradise on earth of their own making, a life-altering, wonderful experience. To live in peace, and according to your own destiny; living deeply, and living at your highest level; this would be the ultimate a win-win for all.

We all long for more, we all want something better! Something significant! Do not suppress this desire, because what comes from deep within your heart is a soul desire that wants to be lived and needs to be lived!

My heart’s task is to help you, to motivate you and to be your mentor for this development. I want to help you put your life on the best possible track, to allow you to journey to a life that will surpass your wildest dreams.

I help extraordinary people to an extraordinary life with extraordinary happiness, success and fulfillment! As we work together, I support you, so you can see and develop the strengths you already possess!

I am here to accompany you in your profound change and help you develop a greater vision for yourself and your entire life so that you are incredibly powerful, happy and perfect.

Free, fulfilled and happy!

No longer a dream, but reality!


Work with me

You want to understand yourself, the world and your destiny in the world?

Here you will be inspired and supported to live a conscious, profoundly meaningful, very successful and higher, connected life!

You will also be empowered to live consciously, to be authentic without compromising yourself, to believe in yourself and in the life direction that feels right, and to be calm, balanced, successful and self-confident!

Together we can develop and realize a tremendous vision for your life that will make you deeply happy and fulfilled at all levels! We will draw from your true, authentic self the power to make great success manifest!

You want to live your greatest life with no hesitations, no compromise!

You are ready now to overcome all fears, doubts and obstacles that stand in your way. You know that you will not let up. You also know that you need help making this change!

By facing head-on everything that stands in your way, and with me working at your side as your coach and mentor, you will come to succeed in everything!

You will come to have the rich and happy life, meaningful inwardly and outwardly, that you have been seeking!

Free, fulfilled and happy! Yes!

Shanti Company | © 2019

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