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I am a Leadership and Transformation Coach, Systemic Coach, Stress and Burn-Out Coach, Spiritual Life Consultant, Yoga and Meditation Teacher with many diplomas, certificates and trainings.

I have helped countless people to experience freedom, success and happiness both in their private and professional lives.

I have a successful, location-independent coaching practice and have been leading fully booked trips and retreats for coaching and yoga at home and abroad for several years.

So that you can envision your best YOU in all areas of your life, I offer a group coaching intensive evening every month. It is only about you and your higher vision for your life!


Group Coaching Intensive Evening in June 2019:


Next level made easy! – Your purpose in flow!

Come to the Intensive Evening and learn how to develop your life to the 100% life you’ve dreamed of. We clarify what’s causing you to feel insecure, unsure and unsatisfied in your life, and keeping you from achieving deep satisfaction, fulfillment and flow.

For more confidence, clarity and strength in all areas of your life, attend this transforming evening to breathe a sigh of recognition and relief! Learn to dissolve fears, blockages and limitations so that your life moves in a deeply meaningful direction.

Find your way to inner and outer success and a sense of ease every day.

Make your life rich and extraordinary!

Friday 7 June 2019, Beethovenstrasse 35A, Frankfurt,
18 – 19.30 o’clock, 129 Euro.


I look forward to hearing from you.

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