I am Simona.


Quantum shift into your highest bliss

I know that IT IS POSSIBLE to have everything you want from life!

Sheltered upbringing and a safe, idyllic childhood


I was born and raised in a small village in the west of Germany, as the firstborn of two daughters in my parents’ house.

I grew up during the time before the Internet, when telephones were still attached to the wall and there were only three channels on television.

At that time people in my home village thought very regionally, and not about the wider world: They believed there were the people in the village and strangers “out there.” Very few people I knew travelled — the big tourism boom came much later — and nobody knew about other countries or exotic food. Hearty homemade food and the village environment was what we knew.

Everyone lived similar lives: People lived in similar houses, drove the same cars, had similar kinds of jobs, all keenly looked forward to the shooting festival in summer. This sameness was a glue that held village society together.

And then there was me! I was quite different; I had a great desire to live in some other way, to have different experiences. I also wished to experience greater things, on a much bigger scale than what I knew in my home village. I also wanted to live as I chose, to leave this small world of sameness, and find my way into the wider world, to learn about other countries and people.

My childhood was wonderful, idyllic, with everything protected, regulated, familiar and safe. It was a children’s paradise. I had many playmates, and there were lots of birthday parties to go to, with cake and good food. There were also  animals on the farms, fresh air, wild nature on the doorstep to explore; it was a beautiful, carefree time.

With so little distraction, there was greater concentration on what was truly important. We grew up healthy, with no peer pressure at school because of fashion labels or technological status symbols.

“With personal development, it’s impossible to be unhappy.”

A new beginning


Since reading that first book about yoga, I have been practicing yoga and integrating yoga’s philosophy into my life. Yoga has greatly enriched my everyday life. Since my first encounter with it I have also become a vegetarian, and in 2003 I became a vegan.

From yoga I would learn to respect life, to live in peace, to harm no living being, to develop myself spiritually and personally, to stay connected with myself; these precepts have guided me in my life’s path ever since. To constantly develop myself further is my passion, to continually keep my mind open and to adjust to new ways and ideas. Yoga and meditation made me strong from those teenage years forward, and even today always bring me back to the essential.

And then, after this discovery, came the big day when I held my high school diploma in my hand. That was the “open sesame” that opened the door to my new life.

I began attending university in Hamburg, where I studied journalism, French literature and art history.

Finally, I was actually living in that big, wide world. I was done with the narrow life that had become too confining for me as a teenager. The big world I had learned about in books, full of adventure and vastness, awaited me. I said goodbye to village life and set out to discover a whole new cosmos. Now I could experience so much more and choose among so many possibilities.

New worlds, new languages, new ideas, new attitudes, new cultures were opened to me. I learned so many new things, discovered films, listened to operas, studied masterpieces in museums, experienced new foods, and met so many new, extraordinary people who had different goals and dreams for their lives. Nothing out here was like it was back in that village world where everyone was the same.

And in all this hustle and bustle and the excitement of university, I was on the go from morning til night, and began to go far–too far–ultimately, beyond my strength. Overzealously I had thrown myself into my studies and tried to do too much in too short a time. I took no holidays; I had stuffed them with internships.

With no rest or down-time, I quickly began to reach my limits. I was exhausted and overtired from too much work and too little sleep; my life was no longer in balance. The idea of breaks or rest was foreign, and relaxation was not in my program. I started to feel tired all the time. And I didn’t know why. I simply thought that I should always have energy, and thought about my active life and what opportunities I wanted to say yes or no to.

“Living your best life is not a matter of chance or pure luck! “

My time in Paris


Then came a second big change in my young life. After I received a scholarship to study at the Sorbonne in Paris, the hectic pace of my life only increased, and I worked harder, and was constantly doing. At the end of a year I became burned out; found I could not get out of bed. An inflammation of the thyroid gland forced me to stop. For the next year, life was very quiet and slow. I only did what was necessary and hardly left my apartment.

But during this unexpected time of quiet, I rediscovered what was important and began again to balance the things I was doing in the outer world with strengthening the feelings of connection and centering within myself. I found myself again. And despite this great peace and ““inactivity” this was one of the most important and active years in my life. So much in my life was directed in a new way during this time.

And I discovered that the calmer I became, the more happened within me. I got to know myself anew. Personal development, meditation, yoga and a healthier diet helped me a lot! I regenerated myself, built up strength and became stable again on every level. And this stability has lasted until today.


And then came a time in my life that seemed like a fairy tale! After this long year of recovery, I got a job in the fashion world. This was the time of supermodels, and I worked as an assistant at Chanel and other world-famous houses. It was a great and glamorous time! But despite the attractions of this dazzling life, I was now so strongly centered that nothing could come between me and my inner balance.

I also saw how many people were attracted to wealth, glamour and glory like moths attracted to a flame that would burn them, in chasing after a false life. I witnessed what happened to people who didn’t develop a strong core for themselves. What happened to models who were celebrated one season and dropped the next because trends changed.

From then on, every experience made me stronger. I moved on from this work, and experienced the start-up boom of the first Internet companies and worked for a global Fortune 100 media company and traveled around the world.

All my dreams came true…



…and I experienced this while still feeling balanced. Travel, new experiences, nutrition, relaxation, yoga and meditation remained part of my life. My priority was constant personal work on myself, doing seminars and training.

After decades of great jobs in the corporate world, however, I reached a point where I wanted to live in complete harmony with myself and my beliefs. Dealing with power games, battling office politics, seeing people manipulated; this was no longer my world and no longer corresponded to my orientation.

I didn’t want to be there anymore and got out. I wanted to live in a new world, one that reflected my values. I sought to make a world for myself of win-win situations, justice, opportunities for all, openness, tolerance, fairness, attentive and sustainable interaction with people and nature, respect for life and success in harmony with oneself and the world.

This balance to feel myself connected with everything, to live my dream life, to have depth and at the same time conceive great visions for my future, to be successful, and to be able to always seek everything beautiful that the world offers… is a great happiness!

I always dreamed of experiencing the best that life had to offer and to live every day. To live paradise on earth!

To live your highest life is not coincidence or pure luck!

Since my youth I have consciously worked on myself to become the highest and best version of myself, in order to be happy and successful.

I want the same for you! You can have that too!

Today I am a mentor, coach, life consultant, yoga and meditation teacher and…



…I am here for you!

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