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Quantum shift into your highest bliss

Yoga is everything that is good in life

Yoga is a powerful tool for positivity, for a healthy attitude towards life and
for personal development!

Yoga gives you the strength, the confidence and the positive attitude
that you need to be happy and free.
Practicing Yoga will help you succeed in everything!

My History with Yoga

I have been practicing Hatha Yoga with passion and enthusiasm since I was sixteen years old.

My first encounter with yoga was the book “Sport und Yoga” (“Yoga and Health”) by Selvarajan Yesudian and Elisabeth Haich, which gave me my first insights into yoga asanas and yoga philosophy.

This book was so inspiring for me that since I first read it, at sixteen, I have been living a life that is yogically oriented, vegan, and mindful, practicing meditation and keeping myself in harmony with the earth.

Though I am familiar with various yoga traditions, I love to continually expand my repertoire and my yoga horizons, and to educate myself further.

I also teach yoga classes for seniors, pregnant women, children and adolescents, as well as hormone yoga, back yoga, business yoga, sound yoga and mantra yoga. I also founded the “Health through Yoga” series in Frankfurt am Main.

I derive great inspiration and joy from teaching yoga, to provide my students with the keys to finding courage, hope, positive change and connection to higher things through yoga.

I teach yoga in an intense and harmonious style, so that you can quickly come to your senses, experience calmness and find your center again.

My personal goal is to inspire people to live a meaningful, successful and joyful life, having achieved inner peace and serenity.

For me it is important to teach those I work with how to integrate yoga into their lives to more consciously and clearly enjoy life in all its beauty.

My interest and love for nature, yoga, inner transformation and spirituality have led me to learn the wisdom of many well-known international teachers working in many different traditions.

It is my heart’s task to accompany those I work with in their personal development and to support them in experiencing balance, health, happiness, success and meaning in life.

“Yoga is not an old myth that has been forgotten. Yoga is our most valuable heritage and it is precisely this heritage that is so urgently needed today. Yoga is the culture of the future”.

– Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Yoga Info


You can find me at well-known yoga festivals and yoga congresses in Germany and since 2014 I have been leading fully booked yoga trips and yoga retreats on Spiekeroog and Corfu.

As a yoga teacher I am recognized by the statutory health insurance companies and my training complies with the guidelines of the Yoga Vidya Teachers Association e.V. (BYV), the European Federation of Yoga Teachers Associations (EFYTA) and the American Alliance of Yoga (AAY).

I am a member of the Professional Association of Yoga and Ayurveda Teachers (BYVG).

My private yoga course takes place Mondays at 6.30 p.m. at Schillerstrasse 10 in Frankfurt/City near the Hauptwache.

My other courses are business yoga courses that companies hire me to do in their workplaces.

Private lessons can be booked upon request.

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